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Lea County Housing, Inc.

Our mission is to increase the quantity, quality, and availability of affordable housing in Lea County.

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Lea County Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that was formed locally in 2004 to help improve access to quality, affordable housing in Lea County.  To do this, we focus on several main areas as listed below.    (Click on the links to the left for more information.)
1.  Apartment Rental Lists and Information.
2.  Affordable Home Purchase Programs.
3.  First Time Home Buyer Education (HBE)
4.  Home Rehabilitation for low income or senior home owners.
5.  Home Weatherization Program.
6.  Foreclosure Assistance for existing home owners.
7.  Affordable Housing Plans and Housing Need Studies.
8.  Affordable Rental Apartment development.
9.  Housing Information Assistance.
"Lea County Housing, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Housing Agency."
Lea County Housing is the "One Stop Shop" for housing answers in Lea County
If you have questions about First Time Home Buyer Education, learning about special home purchasing programs, renting an apartment, or preventing foreclosure to your home, Lea County Housing is here to help you.  
The services are provided free of charge and meetings or classes can be tailored to meet your time schedule.  
Lea County Housing, Inc. staff has 30 years of familiarity with the ups and downs of housing in Lea County
Lea County is not like other places.  Because of the rapidly fluctuating oil economy and the inclusions of the Zia Park Racetrack, the National Enrichment Facility, and many other new industries, housing has become a great challenge.  Home sale and apartment rental prices have increased significantly in the last five years. 
To meet this challenge, Lea County Housing, Inc. is committed to helping families in every Lea County community get increased access to affordable housing of every type. 

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Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with regard to your questions. 
We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.
Lea County Housing, Inc

(575) 691-9637  (local number)
3409 N. Grimes St.
Hobbs, NM  88240

Russell Doss, Executive Director
Home Buyer Education Testimonial
"I have been going to 'on the job' training classes for over 20 years and this Home Buyer Education Class has been the best training I have ever attended."
Francisco Cruz,
Home Buyer Education
Second Graduating Class